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Listening Room, Ep. 05: Tune Supply's Irish Virtual Sessions

This week's Listening Room is participatory! I recently came across this incredible series on YouTube, called Mary O's Virtual Sessions, presented by Tune Supply. I first heard of Tune Supply from one of the cofounders, the incredible violinist/fiddler, Caitlin Warbelow, but I was too caught up in my quarantine life with a toddler to check it out until now. And I am so glad I did! I know next to nothing about Irish music, but these sessions present a unique opportunity to listen, learn, and jam alongside Irish music masters. And for those of us who are a bit shy (ahem) we can do it in the privacy of our own homes while we stumble along learning a new idiom.

Extra credit: check out their website where you can purchase personalized performances and support all of their incredible programs featuring musicians and dancers from many traditional music forms.



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