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What gets you in the ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS?

BECOMING MUSICIANS: The Backstory to Backstage

A behind the scenes conversation with Nate and Erin Mayland detailing both the musical skills and the rarely discussed, but equally important interpersonal skills needed to launch a successful freelance and Broadway career. We will go into specificity about the people skills that are critical in almost any field, and how students can start to practice them immediately. ​​Through dialogue, musical examples, and plenty of behind the scenes stories, we dovetail your students’ curriculum and delve into the backstory of real-life working musicians.


Plus, what everyone wants to know - what's it like backstage at Hamilton? We'll talk about the grit and glamour of our daily lives.  

​Between 30 to 90 minutes long and tailored to your students’ current curriculum, we welcome and encourage questions and lively dialogue in this remote masterclass.


  • Developing consistency on your instruments

  • Learning to shift quickly between musical styles

  • Refining your intonation

  • Playing musically with a click track

  • Doubling for brass and string players

  • Studio techniques: headphones and microphones

  • When and how to lead and follow

  • Developing a wide palette of timbres and articulations

  • How to strengthen your focus


  • Reflecting on feedback, not reacting

  • Practicing deep musical and conversational listening

  • Being an empathetic and supportive player

  • The “Yes and….” mentality as observed in Hamilton’s creative team

  • Be on time, be alert, be prepared.



"a lifelong memory, and a highlight of their term"

Drexel University,   

Philadelphia, PA  

"a great way to overcome the challenges of remote learning"

   Visual & Performing Arts Academy at Salem High School

   Virginia Beach City, VA

"Very relevant. Finding the right teacher, getting your education, taking advantages of opportunities, the behind the scenes technological side of your business, showing up on time. All so very very helpful."

State College of Florida,   

Sarasota, Florida  

"The times when hard work and passion came up were relevant to help them see what's required; this paired nicely with the discussion towards the end that shows the payoff of what you get when you work that hard!"

   Limestone University,

   Gaffney, SC

"Maple & Brass was such a wonderful experience for our students. Using materials that were tangible to my group of students, they delivered world class music instruction in addition to conveying life lessons through the presentation. We will absolutely bring them back!!!"

    Mount Olive High School,

     Flanders, NJ

Printable EPK

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