What gets you in the ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS?

BECOMING MUSICIANS: The Backstory to Backstage

A behind the scenes conversation with Nate and Erin Mayland detailing both the musical skills and the rarely discussed, but equally important interpersonal skills needed to launch a successful freelance and Broadway career. We will go into specificity about the people skills that are critical in almost any field, and how students can start to practice them immediately. ​​Through dialogue, musical examples, and plenty of behind the scenes stories, we dovetail your students’ curriculum and delve into the backstory of real-life working musicians.


Plus, what everyone wants to know - what's it like backstage at Hamilton? We'll talk about the grit and glamour of our daily lives.  

​Between 30 to 90 minutes long and tailored to your students’ current curriculum, we welcome and encourage questions and lively dialogue in this remote masterclass.


  • Developing consistency on your instruments

  • Learning to shift quickly between musical styles

  • Refining your intonation

  • Playing musically with a click track

  • Doubling for brass and string players

  • Studio techniques: headphones and microphones

  • When and how to lead and follow

  • Developing a wide palette of timbres and articulations

  • How to strengthen your focus


  • Reflecting on feedback, not reacting

  • Practicing deep musical and conversational listening

  • Being an empathetic and supportive player

  • The “Yes and….” mentality as observed in Hamilton’s creative team

  • Be on time, be alert, be prepared.


Recent masterclass testimonials

"a lifelong memory, and a highlight of their term"

Drexel University,

String Department

"a great way to overcome the challenges of remote learning"

Visual & Performing Arts Academy,

Salem High School, Virginia Beach City

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