CD Release "Not A Novelty" w/ BONEGASM

Jennifer Wharton's second release as bandleader comes out today and is available on Bandcamp here. Featuring Jennifer Wharton, John Fedchock, Alan Ferber and myself on trombones, and a rhythm section consisting of Mike Eckroth on piano, Evan Gregor on bass, and Don Peretz on drums. Last but not least, one of the greatest voices in jazz, Mr. Kurt Elling makes an appearance not to be missed.

The record sounds great, and I'm proud to be a part of it. The group has changed over the last few years and the composers Jen commissioned to write for her are doing some adventurous things!

When this was recorded in the Fall of 2020 my family was still greatly concerned for the health of our 2 year old daughter and I voiced my concerns to Jen. I offered to be replaced on the record so she could have someone in the studio, but she decided to make it work and I ended up recording in my home studio.

Because my father is a computer scientist and programmer he was really into the developments in music software and hardware in the 1990s. We spent a lot of time setting up IRQ channels and MIDI on the early sound cards, reading Keyboard Magazine, and programming Cubasis endlessly trying to make something that sounded like music. It was great fun, and totally frustrating.