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Logic Pro X

Real Time Remote Monitoring

Plugin Library


Da Vinci Resolve


FireFace 800



AEA TRP2 Mic Preamp

ADAM A7X Monitors

4'x7' Isolation Booth





Bass Trombone

CC Tuba

Yamaha DS8 FM Analog Synth

Roland RD 700-NX Keyboard




String & Brass Arrangements


Audio Editing

Work with Video


Maple & Brass provides professional recording services on a wide variety of instruments, including violin, viola, trombone, bass trombone and tuba, as well as a collection of analog and digital synths.

Maple & Brass offers live monitoring during recording sessions, allowing your producer to hear in real time what we are recording. Utilizing DAW plugins and video conferencing our clients are able to produce us remotely in real time.

Decades of experience as recording artists in the world’s most famous studios including Skywalker Sound, Hit Factory, Power Station at BerkeleeNYC (formerly Avatar), MSR Studios, and Sear Sound prepared us to provide the best sound for the most demanding clients. Seasoned from recording film scores, video games, major network theme songs, classical orchestral works, small group jazz, original Broadway cast albums, dozens of jingles, and with big bands, hip-hop, rock, and indie artists, we bring the same integrity and professionalism to Maple & Brass. 


"I've been lucky enough to use Maple and Brass on several recording projects. The tracks were impeccably performed and recorded. You really couldn't ask for or find anything better out there. Not only that, but communication and responsiveness to emails were top notch."

Nick Afflitto

"Nate and Erin are great! I've known them for quite a number of years (25 years I've known Nate!) and the recording quality is top rate. I had a few special requests to fit in with existing tracking sessions, and it was always exactly what I needed. Multiple takes and lots of different choices for comps. I will defintely use Maple and Brass again, and you should as well! Thanks so much for the great playing and killer service Erin and Nate!"

Bryan Crook

Mana Music and Media

"I already knew Nate was a great trombonist, but after working with Maple & Brass I was thrilled to find out he's a talented recordist as well. Clean, dry stems delivered with no background noise, high quality performance and fidelity, and a quick turnaround. Can't think of what else to ask for!"

Zac Zinger

"Nate Mayland is an exceptional musician and is very easy to work with. He delivers high quality material in a timely fashion. I highly recommend him."

Russ Speigel

"I’ve worked with Nate in various recording situations, remote and in person over the last several years, and I’ve found him to be the consummate professional.  Always prepared and facile in all styles of music, as well as completely on top of the latest technology for remote recording, he is ready and game to take on every and all musical challenges.  We’ve been able to work quickly and efficiently in all settings and Nate easily hears how to fit into pre-existing tracks or can create his own tracks from the ground up.  He moves fluidly between trombone and tuba, and the final tracks he’s delivered to me sound clean and clear and fit easily into my sessions for mixing.  It’s a smooth and easy process from beginning to end.  All of these skills along with Nate’s completely enjoyable demeanor create the perfect storm for making great music together."

Kathy Sommer

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