Show Your Ears Some Love

Say this out loud: "I am a human being."

...and unfortunately, as a human you are not nearly as invincible as you might think you are! I certainly thought my ears were indestructible when I was younger and by the time it dawned on me that they couldn't be repaired like so many other parts of my body I'd done some damage.

Not to be all doom and gloom, but our ears just aren't made for guitar amps, massive subwoofers at concert halls, or trumpets in your ears. Take it from me, and every other musician who has had their ears damaged, and don't take your ears for granted.

I've had a long journey with tinnitus and I want to share some of my methods for protecting your ears, and how to use monitors to help you hear yourself. I also want to pass along some information about how your diet can make you more susceptible to damaging your ears.

To be honest, I love loud music. I absolutely blasted Van Halen and Earth Wind & Fire when I got my first pair of headphones, and playing lead with a big band is like sitting in the middle of a rocket taking off. There's so much power and precision when a big band is roaring away. I played lead trombone with the Birdland Big Band for several years and in 2009 when my ears started ringing after a set I paid little notice, and I said to myself t