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A Carbon-Neutral Orchestra? Yes, please.

Confession: I'm an über climate-nerd and I love learning about sustainability. Recently, I went looking for an organization that was already doing what I thought needed to happen: helping musicians find their unique place in the fight against climate change.

The more I've learned about climate change and sustainability, the more I see the tide turning, but not from our so-called leaders. While nations and corporations waste precious time with pathetic commitments, I see real solutions, both big and small, being presented by regular people. The power of these grassroots movements (and there are so many!) helps me counteract the doom and gloom that is the truth of the crisis we're in.

In my search, I was truly heartened to discover the organizations Music Declares Emergency (MDE) and Classical Declares Emergency. Offering toolkits for greening the music industry for artists, audience members, management, venues, labels, publishers and more, MDE is a fantastic resource for anyone who loves music and sustainability.

Music and the arts undoubtedly have the emotional power to help to shift the cultural conversation as we collectively work towards a zero carbon future. As I've heard many environmental activists say, the climate crisis is an "all hands on deck" situation - and that includes musicians.

Here are two ways to get involved:

First, you can add your name to Music Declares Emergency's declaration of a climate and ecological emergency here. (You can also sign Classical Declares' open letter here.)

Secondly, for classical musicians as well as instrument and bow makers, consider registering for a free online panel discussion that Classical Declares is hosting on November 10 at 9am Eastern Time. (I'm personally excited to hear from the carbon-neutral orchestra!)

Link to register here.

"Join @MusicDeclares Emergency and @HarrisonParrott for a panel discussion on sustainability in orchestras and instrument making. From a bow maker to a carbon-neutral orchestra, find out more from these subject matter specialists working across a variety of disciplines in the orchestral sector.

Join these experts on zoom to share ideas and ask questions around best practice, how to improve your organisation's carbon footprint and how to continue making music in a cleaner, greener way."

With -Teemu Kirjonen - Lahti Symphony; Miranda Davies - Orchestra for the Earth; Marco Raposo - Trees of Music; Georgina McDonnell Finlayson - Scottish Classical Sustainability Group; Chaired by Henry Southern - Harrison Parrott



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