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Nate Mayland's debut album as a bandleader was recorded at Sear Sound in NYC  in 2011. Featuring singing and lyrics by Kat Gang the album features a unique blend of traditional bebop language and folk melodies. Of the ten songs on the record nine are originals written by Nate Mayland. The lone jazz standard is "All The Things You Are" and has been heavily reharmonized.


The concept for the album is simple: play the music that we wanted to play. The Wishbone Project sound grew from late night sessions on The Lower East Side in NYC playing jazz trios in a small restaurant. Just trombone, voice and guitar. The blend of trombone and voice was instantaneous and it is featured on nearly every track on the album. Swinging and soaring through the changes, the sound evokes the best of small group jazz improvisation. 


Kat Gang - vocals

Nate Mayland - trombone

Adam Platt - piano

Dick Sarpola - acoustic bass

Ray Marchica - drums and percussion


Copyright 2011 Maylneight Music

The Wishbone Project

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