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Recital Club Fall '21 Lineup!

We can't believe that the school year is about to ramp up again, and we are so excited to announce our upcoming Recital Club events for the Fall of 2021. Last spring students joined us from around the country to discuss performance strategies like incorporating mindfulness into our practice and performance, and then we invited their friends and family to hear them all perform using their newfound skills. We had a blast getting to know the students a bit, and our students have let us know time and time again that they love having a place to perform! We're so excited for what this next year will bring.

To get the school year off on the right foot, our first session is on goal setting. We have learned that setting specific yet realistic goals helps us achieve what we want much more efficiently than vague ideas about improving on our instrument, or worse, focusing on the impossible idea of perfection. It helps focus our practicing, plus the boost we get when we achieve a goal, even a small one, can lead to a burst of inspiration to forge ahead.

In October, we'll host an experiential workshop on sight reading. Hosted by Nate, we will perform for each other as we learn techniques to improve our sight reading. Big hint: your sight-reading skills will also give you more confidence to play the music that you do know! (Note: this is a workshop rather than a recital with an audience)

To cap off the semester, we will explore a topic that is constantly present as a performer: how to challenge our comfort zones. After exploring some techniques to break us out of habits during our preparation for the recital, we will put our newfound discoveries into practice when we invite our friends and family to hear us perform!


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