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Announcing Recital Club!

Rachel, Erin, and Nate are proud to announce the launch of Recital Club, a joint effort of Maple & Brass and Inspired Strings Approach! In this virtual drop-in recital series, young musicians practice performing in a nurturing environment with an appreciative audience.

We believe performance and mindset are inextricably linked. Upon registration we send a Performance Strategy video for students to practice in preparation for the recital, in order to build stage confidence and foster a positive mindset. Each Recital has a different topic, which might include mindfulness techniques, goal setting, visualization, and how to foster positive self-talk.

The Green Room, a 30 minute group class, takes place immediately before each Recital to discuss and practice the Performance Strategy and also serves as a chance for the musicians to get to know each other.

Recital Club aims to create a supportive community and a lighthearted atmosphere in which to cultivate joy in sharing music.

All levels and instruments are welcome. Ages 7-18


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